iPhone tethering plan to include 5GB cap, cost $30+?

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According to sources from the MacBlogz site, we now have some more detailed information about the iPhone tethering plan on which AT&T said they were working. The first of these details is the 5GB bandwidth cap. The rumor says this cap may be introduced to all AT&T tethering plans to accommodate for all the new plans they are expecting, and adds that AT&T will cut off your tethering plan for that month once the cap is reached. It also states the connection for this tethering might be through Apple’s own iTunes, so you won’t need to install any additional software on the desktop side of things.

The rumor has “no idea on a launch date,“ but believes AT&T will roll out new plans for the iPhone that include tethering for additional $30 or so a month. It also states there will be no unlimited option, as AT&T will simply tell you to buy a wireless PC card. Nonetheless, this is a very interesting rumor. My only request would be a lesser monthly charge, as the iPhone plans are pretty expensive here in the US already. Now, only one question remains’ will it be coming out with the iPhone 2.2 Software?

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