Dr. Pepper introduces free match-3 iPhone, web browser game

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Dr Pepper MatchcapsDr. Pepper has teamed up with Imaginuity NM to release a free-to-play, Flash browser games called Dr. Pepper Matchcaps. It is designed to run perfectly on the iPhone through Safari. If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry - you can enjoy the game in your regular Firefox or Safari browser as well. It will just temporarily resize the browser.

If you’re good at Bejeweled, or other similar match-3 games where you must shift a piece up, down, left or right to make three of a kind disappear, chances are you’ll be a natural at Dr. Pepper Matchcaps. There are seven different cap designs to work with, and no timers so you can enjoy a leisurely game. If you go for a few minutes without playing, a cap that is available to move and match with two similar caps will briefly sparkle to get your attention.

Advergames are commonplace on the internet, but this is the first example of a company actually creating an advergame specifically for the iPhone. I think its a great idea. This way, iPhone owners can play free games on their phones, instead of having to pay for games that may get old or take up valuable space.

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