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No matter what your friend says, or what that website claims to do it is impossible to Unlock an iPhone 3G with software. There is however a hardware SIM unlock for the iPhone 3G its just as easy to install, doesnt require any modding of your iPhone or SIM card and it works with all firmware versions. I will talk more about this method later on, need to explain some more about the software unlock while we’re still on that topic.

You can currently Jailbreak your iPhone 3G with the software, the same software you would use to unlock your 1st generation iPhone will be able to Jailbreak your iPhone 3G. Jailbreaking your iPhone simply allows you to install your own 3rd party applications onto the iPhone. This process is reversible, so dont worry if you mess anything up. Here are a couple of guides, the first on How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G and the second, Revirginize iPhone 3G (if you need to restore your iPhone 3G to factory settings).

In order to unlock any iPhone with software, it must first be Jailbroken to allow you to install and modify the code on your iPhone 3G to unlock it. Please don’t be tricked into thinking there is a software unlock for the iPhone 3G, because there isnt the second the software unlock becomes available for the iPhone 3G you will be able to see it, and download it at Unlock iPhone 3Gs iPhone 3G Software Unlock Status page. If you see any website offering the software unlock for the iPhone 3G before its announced at Unlock iPhone 3G – then its 99% a scam, walk away.

Now... back to the hardware SIM unlock for the iPhone 3G. Basically this little device slots in your iPhone (in the same way your current SIM card does), and allows you to use your iPhone 3G on any network. Its easy and it works! BUT there are loads of different types of hardware SIM now floating around on the internet, and most of them are really rubbish products. They lack quality (reception, signal, phone call clarity, 3G issues) and some even require your cut your SIM card.

At iUnlock iPhone 3G, we have tried and tested over 20 variations of iPhone 3G SIM Unlocks, in order to provide you with the best solution. Our Unlock for iPhone 3G requires no cutting of your SIM, and there is no signal or reception problems at all! You will not even notice a difference. Our iPhone 3G Unlock ships worldwide, and you can get it for just £34.99 (theres no need to update your hardware SIM, once you have it, it will keep your iPhone unlocked forever), this price includes access to The iArea, where you have access to thousands of iPhone Wallpapers, iPhone Themes, iPhone Downloads, iPhone Software and Premium 24 iPhone Support via our Ticket Support System.

I hope this clears up the iPhone 3G Unlocking Status for everybody.

iPhone 3G Software Unlock is Not Available

iPhone 3G SIM Unlock is Available Now!

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