Night Camera tackles iPhone's low-light woes

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Night Camera ($0.99, App Store) by Sudobility solves a problem some users may have when taking photos at night with the iPhone's camera.

The iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera with an excellent image sensor that allow the handset to take good pictures when the lighting is good and the subjects are still. But when the lighting gets dim, the iPhone's simple, fixed lens camera can't do much to adjust to the lower light levels, resulting in blurry images.

The only way of getting around this is by developing a superhuman stillness of hand - which isn't really an ideal solution. Night Camera gets around this by using the iPhone's accelerometer to detect an optimal moment of stillness to take the photo, producing clear shots in poor lighting (see below).

The interface of Night Camera itself is straightforward and often nearly identical to the normal camera pane that is used throughout the iPhone. You hold the camera as still as you can, and the app will take the photo automatically when the time is right.

The only thing that could be done is to possibly clean up the interface even more, or have a nicer icon - but at its core it adds a very nice bit of functionality to the iPhone's camera.

Article by AppleInsider.

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