How to downgrade to iPhone OS 2.1

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Dead iPhoneWho loves a good, panicky headline? Cnet, that’s who! Citing reports that problems with the iPhone 2.2 upgrade software “run rampant” (including deleted apps, loss of WiFi, and the inability to connect to iTunes following the update), they offer instructions on how to revert your device to version 2.1, along with a warning that “... they [sic] procedure may not work, and you may be forced to restore your iPhone with OS 2.2, potentially losing data in the process.“ Well, that certainly sounds helpful!

Of course, by “run rampant” they mean that “dozens, if not hundreds” of users are reporting problems. And they wait until the very end to include a message from a user who suggests using the Restore option in iTunes itself (which could also result in data loss). But for those of you who really just want to go back to good ol’ 2.1, here are the instructions, as offered by Cnet:

1. Download iPhone OS 2.1 IPSW: [iPhone (first generation) | iPhone 3G]
2. Turn off your iPhone by holding down the sleep/wake button.
3. After the phone is off and hold the sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.
4. Release the sleep/wake button; continue to hold down the home button until iTunes detects the iPhone in “recovery mode.” Your iPhone is now in DFU mode.
5. Hold down the option key on a Mac or alt key on a PC and click “Restore” in iTunes.
6. Locate the IPSW file and select it.


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