FlightTrack tracks flights on your iPhone

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If you're the sort of person who spends a lot of time in airports, or have any loved ones consistently up in the air, FlightTrack ($4.99, App Store) by Ben Kazez may be the App for you. FlightTrack allows you to view real-time flight tracking maps, featuring routes, positions, weather and more.

FlightTrack gets its data from FlightView, a source which the US government and some of the world's largest airlines use for keeping tabs on airspace.

Using this wealth of data, it's possible to keep track of multiple flights, using flight numbers for reference, allowing you to see in-depth details about a flight (speed and altitude, for instance).

Currently FlightTrack is only able to track flights within the U.S., including inbound and outbound international flights, but the developer hints at this changing in future updates, along with information on Baggage Claim and Departure Gates.


Article by AppleInsider.

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