Another iPhone battery/case combo for this holiday season from Incase

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Incase Power Slider Battery CaseAs if you haven’t already heard enough announcements about new iPhone battery extender and case combos, another one from Incase is ready for your holiday checklist. One of the interesting things about this case is that it’s designed to allow you to charge the phone without removing the case, a feature that will save some time struggling to remove the case. To do this, Incase ships their own USB cable extender with the iPhone that will fit through the case.

This case is also said to extend the battery life of your iPhone to double that of the iPhone regularly. It has a five light LED on the back that reminds you of how much charge you have left. If this case is anything like other Incase products, you can be sure it is going to do a great job of covering and protecting your phone. Be sure to get it in time for the holidays to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of battery during any of those important memories!

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